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"American Tune" by Paul Simon

"American Tune" chord chart
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"American Tune" lyrics
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Here is a simplified version of "American Tune" for beginner/intermediate guitarists. Paul plays this in an open position on the guitar. If you're a female vocalist, you may want to consider using a capo.


Chord and form symbols are classic manuscript style.


The time notation used is Nashville Number. "American Tune" is in 4/4 time. 


For those who don't understand Nashville Number time notation:

*If a chord stands alone, it is worth one measure.

*If a few chords are underlined, they are all part of 1 measure and are evenly divided (if there are 2 chords, both are worth 2 beats. if there are 4 chords, each is worth one beat.)

*If there are tick marks above multiple chords in the same measure, their value lasts a beat per tick mark.

*If a measure is squared off with tick marks above the measure, it is a measure of odd time. This particular song has one measure of 2/4 and 5/4.


If you have any questions let me know!