Liz Lawrence
Liz Lawrence

Private lessons with Liz 

As an instructor, I have worked hard to present my lessons in ways that come across simply and elegantly. 

I feel that I am able to offer a thorough teaching style combining ear training, a deep understanding of harmonic and rhythmic structure, simple presentation, and much focus on the individual student's needs and interests. I am experienced in, and love teaching, all ages and skill levels. My curriculum has flexibility to cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

As a musician, I work incredibly hard to continue growing and learning, and have integrated the study and performance of music into my daily lifestyle. I guess you could say this is my life's work. I feel that my dedication, approach, and respect for this path of study only helps me become an even better teacher and mentor for all of my students.



There is nothing like sharing what you know with others who are trying to reach their own musical and personal goals. I have been lucky enough to have had some amazing opportunities to study under great musicians and teachers (Including Derek Trucks, Anthony Wellington, Mike Stern, Felix Pastorius, Kaki King, Warren Haynes, Toby Walker, Victor Wooten, and Buddy Charleton).

 With my experience learning from such amazing individuals, I can only aspire to recreate that for my students. With many, many years working in the field and building this lifestyle, I am confident in my abilities to offer invaluable wisdom to dedicated and serious students.


I have taught thousands of lessons, worked with countless students, and am proud to be the owner/operator of an award winning and highly regarded lessons studio, Root Note Studio, located in Lowell, MA. 


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