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Looking back on a great year on the road. Happy 2018!

The Martin is here and hittin' the road!

Great times playing at the Nashville Guitar Community's                   "Tribute to Twang" at the Family Wash!

Spring and Summer 2017 

I'm thrilled to be working on some cool showcases and events in the upcoming months in Nashville, TN. I've been regularly working with a few different groups here, including Radio, Inc., Back to Avalon (a Heart Tribute), and Fading June

Please check out these hard working bands and come out to see them if you get a chance! They are all incredible groups and I am so honored/grateful/LUCKY to be working with these folks.


I'm still doing session work, sub gigs, and teaching via Skype and in person in Lowell, MA (at Root Note Studio), and Spring Hill, TN (at Bluesman Rock Academy)


I just returned from a quick few shows in Zurich Switzerland, and am gearing up for some more international travel this summer with Fading June to Monaco, France, and more. I will announce more about that tour when I get additional details.


I'm very grateful and hope to continue pushing myself as a player, songwriter, and instructor... working to inspire and be inspired. Loving this city and all the music in it. Thanks for stopping by and hope to catch you soon.


Nashville Guitar Community presents: A Tribute To Twang

Fall/Winter 2016

It's been a super busy few months at home in Nashville. Since getting off the road this Spring, I've been thrilled to meet so many local musicians and new friends here. It's also so fun and inspiring to see amazing local players doing their thing. I've been picking up lead guitar work with a number of groups. It's a hustle, but so nice to be home. I've also begun teaching private lessons at Bluesman Vintage Guitars in Spring Hill, TN. These guys are amazing guitar builders and have just opened a great new lessons facility, Bluesman Rock Academy

On another note, I recently wrote a super fun "Western Swing 101" lesson for Premier Guitar Magazine that you can check out by clicking here: 

Thank you for visiting and checking in here on the blog page... It's been a busy few months, and I'm really loving being here at home lately. If you're local, hope to see you around soon. If you're a guitar player, come on out and be part of the Nashville Guitar Community. Looking forward to some hard work, teaching, woodshedding, and writing in the next few months. Stay in touch!

Great times at Summer NAMM 2016...

Performing at the Nashville Guitar Community showcase:

Summer '16- Off the road with Mustang Sally, East coast teaching marathon 5/24-6/6: New England & MD/PA/DC/VA area!

Thanks for stopping by! Some big changes lately, keeping busy, all good stuff.


I played my last date with Mustang Sally a few weeks ago. I need time to recoup off the road, and with their busy schedule it was time to resign. I love them all like family and know we will play music together again... <3

I've been doing a bit of traveling on my own this month. I've had a full schedule teaching, and only a handful of gigs. It's been refreshing. A sub here and there, one a solo guitar private event, and the other was a Nashville Guitar Community slot at Soulshine Pizza in Nashville, TN. It was a great show and we all had a good ol' time! I found an awesome band and we played some awesome stuff! All of the musicians involved that day were such great players but even better, great people. It's thrilling to see the community come together. 

The next two weeks are an east coast teaching marathon. I'll be teaching in Lowell, MA this week through Memorial Day weekend (5/24-5/31). I'll be back in ol' Huckleberry Bottom, MD next week (5/31-6/6) doing lessons in the MD/PA/DC/VA area. You can always catch me on Skype as well.


I've also booked some recording sessions in the boston area this week. After all this travel I'll be back in Nashville beginning in June- looking forward to getting to work back home!


I hope you guys all out there have a great week & holiday weekend coming up. Stay in touch and I hope we can catch up sometime soon!

March 2016 update- Kaki King teaches at Root Note Studio in Lowell, Liz's spring tour dates, Skype lessons, more students, sessions, etc!

KAKI KING in Lowell! 

I'm very excited to say I was able to put together an incredibly successful workshop and concert at Root Note Studio in Lowell, MA featuring none other than the amazing Kaki King. With the help of our amazing community, our lovely studio home: Mill No. 5 in downtown Lowell, and many more wonderful folks that lent a hand and helped out (posting flyers, moving gear, spreading the word & networking, little things that helped the day go smoothly, the press, and so much more), this was a major success. This is the 3rd workshop I've presented through Root Note Studio (Lowell), and definitely not the last!


On Sunday, 2/28/2016, we had an incredibly helpful and eye opening guitar workshop, and later that night, Kaki delivered a total face melting performance. Kaki is one of a kind, and so gracious to stop by at the end of her tour of the NE. What a great day for our musical community in Lowell!


Kaki King Workshop at Root Note Studio in Lowell, MA

More updates...

Lowell, MA- Keep an eye out for more great events that Root Note Studio hosts, right in downtown Lowell, MA! As always, more to come. Liz will be making trips to teach in Lowell this April and May, 2016. Root Note Rambles, Off-Schedule Jams, and Saturday Morning Jams will be in abundance... so stay tuned!



Skype Lessons- With less road dates being planned for the coming summer, I'll be available to take on many more Skype students!If you're interested in lessons, feel free to give me a call anytime and we can talk about it. No pressure at all... I am a super laid back/friendly person, as well as a passionate educator. I'd love to help point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have.



US Spring Tour Dates- Bike week in Daytona was some great times. It was a pleasure to meet Leon Russell's band and get to see them perform. I'll be looking forwad to PCB, FL in April with Mustang Sally! We'll be in OH, MI, GA, AL, LA, and FL in the next several weeks. 



Nashville, TN- I've been doing more and more pedal steel, sax, and vocal sessions here in town. Let me know anytime if you want to add additional instruments on your recording. I have the ability to do remote sessions as well.


I am making a change and stepping away from the road life for a little while this coming summer. I am very excited to make this change, and can't wait to do MUCH more teaching this summer and fall (Check out Root Note Studio Nashville!), writing, working here in town, and continue playing lots of great music. 


I'm super happy to announce an endorsement with one of my favorite music gear companies, D'addario!

2015- workshops & clinics, new tour dates, skype lessons, and more.

2015 has been great so far. I've been working so much with Mustang Sally out of Nashville, TN, teaching students all over the country via Skype, and working up at Root Note Studio in Lowell, MA every month. We had a Root Note Ramble up in Lowell late last December 2014, and then I got to bring in the New Year with MSB in Ontario, Canada. It was a blast!


I must add... I was very relieved to have some down time in Nashville the past few weeks, during some off days with the band. It's so nice to be home.


I've been planning some clinics at Root Note Studio in Lowell and we will soon have the incredible bluesman, Toby Walker for a guitar workshop and concert. Toby is one of the best fingerstyle guitarists I've ever seen, and has an incredible passion and ability to share his knowledge and genuinely perform blues music in it's truest form. This is going to be a great workshop and incredible show. Please spread the word and come on out to support great things like this happening in our community!


I'm looking forward to what the future has in store for the studio, and booking more instructional/performance events with artists in the Summer and Fall. If you have any suggestions for an artist coming through town, please send them my way.


This Spring/Summer there will also be a lot of touring around the USA and some more international work- this time we will be visiting the Pacific Rim! I'm really looking forward to traveling with the Mustang Sally Band and will keep the calendar upadated with details as soon as things get confirmed. 










Nov 2014- Root Note Studio presents:





Fall 2014- Staying on track...

Bringin' the music to the people! It's been such a busy spring and summer! I've been on the road constantly and have been traveling all over the place playing music and teaching lessons, in person and via Skype. I absolutely love the opportunities I'm being presented with and the people I'm working with... Feeling so very lucky. I hope that I can always do my best to keep bringing the music to the people and teaching to the best of my ability. 

Skype lessons have been taking off well. Students are being acquired from all over the nation interested in taking lessons, a fresh perspective, and the convenience of the Skype lesson setup. Skype has especially been a hit with pedal steel guitar students. It is so much more convenient and easier to set up when dealing with so much gear. Many students tell me that it's great to be able to take a lesson with a knowledgeable instructor in the comfort of your own home, as well as working with more flexible scheduling. For me, it is so nice to have the ability  to continue working with students while on tour, as well as expanding the potential Skype student base to a worldwide audience.


This fall will be a fun one... I return to Lowell, MA every month to teach and will be back very soon! I'll be at the studio and Building Blocks Preschool/Kindergarten again. I think we will need to start planning for our next Kid's Performance Party and Root Note Ramble in a month or two. The Saturday Morning Jams are still going strong at Mill No. 5, from 9-11am every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. I am working on planning some fun new events in Lowell soon so STAY TUNED!! 


Teachers are also continuing to teach at RNS Lowell so let us know if you're interested in weekly lessons here! Check out the Root Note Studio site for more information. 


Cliff and I (BJB Duo) will be playing in Lowell, MA at Brew'd Awakening on Saturday, 9/27 form 1-3pm. Come out and hang with us!

In the next few months I will be spending more time in Nashville, TN and look forward to playing around town, taking some lessons, teaching more in-studio and Skype lessons, as well as continuing to work with the Mustang Sally Band. Thank you for keeping up with the latest hap'nens and hope to see you soon to hang/have lessons/play music!





April 2014- Touring and teaching- Root Note Studio in Lowell & Nashville

I've been in such a constant and crazy rush over the last few months! Along with playing with numerous bands, doing sessions, and teaching in Massachusettes, I've been working with a new band based out of Nashville, TN called Mustang Sally. We have traveled all over the USA as well as internationally. I just got back from playing at the ACM All Star Jam in Las Vegas and am so glad to be staying in the same spot for a few days! :)


Root Note Studio is evolving- now we have 2 locations! One is based out of Lowell, MA and another newer location in Nashville, TN.

I've been teaching more often via Skype and seeing my students in person at least once a month, since I've been traveling so much and dividing my time between Nashville and Lowell. It's been an exciting endeavor to call in some great local instructors join the RNS team at Mill No. 5 in Lowell, MA. I'm really looking forward to the things we can pull off when we put our heads together.... I'm thinking events/parties/clinics/shows... etc!


I am planning to hold a Kid's Recital in Lowell sometime this June at Mill No. 5. I can't wait to see everyone's progress and their hard work paying off!


February 2014- MD, TN, GA, FL, Switzerland, VT, NH, MA, etc...

I'm about to do a lot of traveling and playing! Check out the schedule to keep track of the shows and events where I'll be playing/teaching in the next month. The entire time that I am traveling I will be available for Skype lessons


Kid's/Teen's Ramble was amazing!!! Nov. 2013

We just held our second recital this year, and it was such a great time. Good food, great people, and amazing students! The students got up to play in front of a highly supportive audience of community members, family, and friends. I am so proud of them and their progress made!!! It is incredible experience to put on such an event... I am lucky! For a link to the FB photo album of our recital, click here.  


Things have been staying very busy with the studio during the week, and I am spending time teaching for many hours every day. I also have been working weekly with the Building Blocks Preschool/Kindergarten in Tewksbury to bring music to their young ones. I've been having a blast and am so thankful to say that the studio is very busy!


When not teaching, I have been lucky enough to pick up plenty of session work in the Boston/Southern NH area. Along with these sessions, I've been gigging locally and regionally around New England with The Blue James Band and The Party Band


Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, I host a RNS jam session at Mill No. 5 in downtown Lowell. We have been developing a great regular group of folks and always enjoy snacks, coffee, and great music together! This is always open to the public... good vibes, all skill levels welcome... so come on down!


Successful events, shows, and other hap'nens- June 2013

It's been a while since the last update- a lot to catch up on! Check out the pics below too--


I am now hosting a jam session every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, from 9-11am at Mill No. 5 in downtown Lowell. We just held our inaugural jam and it was a blast! This is open to the public, friends, family, and students are strongly encouraged to come out and hang... we have coffee and people often bring yummy breakfast treats to share. Good people, good times, and a great way to start off the weekend.

Root Note Studio just held the Kid's/Teen's Recital at LTC in downtown Lowell. It was a total success and these young players did GREAT! Some songs selected and performed include "Jessica," "Hey Nineteen," "You Don't Know You're Beautiful," and so many more. We put our own spin on some of the selections by orchestrating them for ensembles; including harmonies and featuring many students with solos. Thanks to the parents, students, and some great friends lending a few helping hands (Jessica, Pete, Jamie, Nan, and Alex), the day was a complete success.


I've also taken on a new teaching venture at Building Blocks Preschool in Tewksbury- every week teaching 45 students ages 3-5. I've been having some very fun and exciting times with them.


Blue James Band has been playing a lot of local shows recently, staying up in the New England area and planning on some fun shows this summer- during the Lowell Folk Fest (BJB duo- Cliff and Liz), down in Cambridge, up at Attitash Ski Resort, and much more. Be sure to like the Blue James Band on Facebook so you will know when we're playing near you!


Bob and Liz will be playing shows at La Boniche and Life Alive this summer- stay tuned for those dates by keeping in touch on Facebook or checking out my shows page.

I've been picking up a bit more session work and will soon be offering remote recording options. This is a most popular option for folks looking for pedal steel tracks for their songs. If you're interested in any services, please contact me with any inquiries.


A new option for lessons that I am trying to make available for students is Skype lessons. In the next month I will be able to offer these lessons for students who are unable to travel to me, and we will be able to still have our lessons together. More to come on that...

I am now planning our Adult student party- time to get some tunes together to play!! We will have this at a student's house, just outside of downtown Lowell. A date has not been decided yet. I'm thinking sometime in July. This will give us enough time to get nervous and practice a lot in preparation!:) Jam session to follow performances, pot luck, and BYOB.


A very fun summer ahead!!


Root Note Studio Adult Student Performances- December 9th, 2012

The adult students' performance/jam session was such a great time! I will always look forward to all of us getting together, and seizing the opportunity to perform and jam in front of such a supportive, awesome audience.

I must also mention that the wine/beer/champagne and the delicious dishes brought by the performers, friends, and family were just amazing! (special mention to our great friend, Nan!) This event was the first ever held, in the basement area of Root Note Studio/Whitsett Guitar Works, and I can not wait until the next one. I consider the adult students at RNS to be great friends, as well as hugely valued students. I am so happy that you all are getting to know each other and growing so much as performers and guitarists. What a blast we had!!!

Root Note Studio Kid's/Teen's Ramble- November 17th, 2012

The Kids/Teen's November 2012 performance was an absolute success (and I'm not just talking about the delicious food...)!

I am constantly impressed by all of these students' courage and hard work when the time comes to get up in front of an audience to perform songs, improvise solos, and demonstrate new techniques that we've been working so hard to master. The pieces were challenging and were chosen and arranged to push them to new heights-- I think that is something we all accomplished that day. I am honored to say that these guys and gals are my students!

This performance really started out the holiday season right, and everyone did an incredible job!


The Blue James Band's CD Release... September 25th, 2012



The Blue James Band has released their most current cd and it is available for purchase at


"Give Me the Love or Give Me the Fight is Blue James Band's third and most recent full length album. It was recorded while the band was on tour in Virginia and finished up in Boston, MA. Clifton produced and Scott Reibling (Weezer, Letters to Cleo) mixed the record." 


Click the image to the left to visit the band's music page and listen to two tracks from the album!

Lexi James' recent mention on the Billboard Charts

Lexi James' recent mention in the August 20th, 2012 Billboard Country Music Update


Musical Artist Liz Lawrence Gives Guitar Lessons in Lowell, MA

By ADMIN on April 12, 2012

Liz Lawrence says:

“Music is a language, and I want to give you the tools that you need in order to speak that language fluently."

How true that is!

And, as in learning a language, we need the social connection with another human being, who speaks that language, to absorb, comprehend, and fully integrate the tools that will allow us to communicate spontaneously.

While there is a place for music books, tablature, online lessons, and dvd’s, there is no music education substitute for the exchange that is possible between a dedicated guitar teacher and a receptive guitar student.

If you check out Liz’s guitar teacher page for yourself, you’ll note that she is giving guitar lessons in her studio and in student homes in Lowell, MA and its surrounding areas.

She teaches several styles (hint: check out her profile) on both acoustic and electric guitar to her beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional guitarist students, while building a solid relationship, allowing for a full range of guitar-learning skills – from fundamentals to artistic expression:

“Each lesson is tailored to each student’s learning style. From reading music and beginning ear training, to writing counterpoint and mastering improvisational techniques, together we will find ways to help you grow, exponentially.”

If you’re an aspiring guitar player in the Lowell MA area, you owe it yourself to check out Liz’s profile to find out how you can connect with her and advance your playing.


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